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Round Up for Charity

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installation instructions below.


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This step slightly varies for each theme. If you need help placing the following code, please either reach out to us or to the theme designer. 

1. From the admin panel, under “Sales Channels” click “Online Store”

2. Click on “Themes”

3. Click on “Actions” in the top right of the page next to the Customize button

4. Select “Edit Code”

5. You will see a bunch of “.liquid” files. Find one called “cart.liquid” or “cart-template.liquid” and click on it.

Since this file’s structure depends on the theme, we are going to give general placement directions however the exact place to put this code will vary depending on the theme.

6. Use the search function (CTRL + F) to find "checkout"

7. Slightly above the "checkout" text will be {% endif %} - place the below code snippet in the line right underneath it

<div id="vesey_charity_embed_div" style="visibility: hidden;" data-currency="{{ shop.money_format }}" data-cart-total="{{ cart.total_price | money_without_currency | remove: '.00' }}">


        <input type="checkbox" id="vesey_charity_embed_checkbox" checked="checked" />

        <label for="vesey_charity_embed_checkbox" id="vesey_charity_embed_label">Round Up for Charity?</label>

        <span id="vesey_charity_embed_tooltip"></span>

        <span id="vesey_charity_embed_round_difference"></span>



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