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  • What is the Round Up for Charity program?
    The Round Up for Charity program is a simple way for your ecommerce customers to donate a few extra cents to charity. We made sure to make the donation process seamless for customers to increase usage and reflect positively on your store brand.
  • Who is the Vesey Foundation?
    The Vesey Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in New York with a global focus. The Vesey Foundation supports innovative solutions to global problems. Through our partners, we have pursued advancements in medical technologies, expanded STEM education in the United States and abroad, and provides access to clean energy worldwide.
  • Where does my donation go?
    The Vesey Foundation works with a variety of accredited non-profit partner organizations such as The American Cancer Society, Charity:Water, and New York on Tech. You will see a full list of charity partners during the app setup process. If the charity that you wish to support is not listed you will be able to request that they be added to our partner list. Once we receive your request, our grants team verifies that the organization is eligible to receive donations and we add them to our system - always within 24 hours.
  • How much of my donation actually goes to charity?
    All of it! 100% of all donations go directly to charity. How is this possible? Our corporate sponsors and endownment subsidize all operating expenses so that we can distribute all donations directly to these remarkable initiatives. All donations are distributed to charity partners at the end of each month. 70% of the donations go to our charity partners and 30% are donated to the Vesey Foundation Global Grant Fund which supports a variety of innovative causes around the world. No donations ever go to operating or overhead costs!
  • Will my customers support this?
    Yes! We have conducted independent studies and pilot programs to ensure that your customers fully support this initiative and approve of your restaurant for participating. We provide you with simple informational materials so your customers understand the program, how to participate, and the value your business provides.
  • What does it cost to participate?
    Nothing! The Vesey Foundations covers all costs related to developing and operating the Round Up software and managing the donation process. We even offer free setup and customization of the app so you don't incur any developer fees to get started.
  • What is the time commitment?
    Just a few minutes each month! Once you are set up the only time commitment is teaching your staff about this new functionality, which typically only takes a few minutes. We can also provide a representative to prepare your staff for the launch of this program at no cost to you. The only other time commitment involves distributing the total donations to the Vesey Foundation each month by check, credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.
  • Is there a minimum amount to participate?
    We work with stores of all sizes, whether you have 1 order or 1,000 orders per day. The Round Up program only collects donations when they hit a minimum $10 threshold. If your monthly donations are less than the threshold the app will charge the difference to ensure your charity partner receives the collected donations.
  • How will the new shopping cart page look?
    Each website may have a slightly different look, but it is always generally the same. Below is a sample of what the checkout looks for Shopify websites:
  • Can I write off the donations as a tax-deductible?
    Yes! We will send you a form that verifies that your donation is tax-deductible up to the maximum amount allowed by law. You can also track your donations directly through the app in your Shopify backend.
  • How does the signup process work?
    1) Downlod the app from the Shopify App store using the link below: 2) Contact us by email at to receive free setup support if needed. 3) That's it!
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